Education Governance Commission Discussion Paper

Have Your Say – Education Governance Commission Discussion Paper

The Education Governance Commission has been asked to examine and make
recommendations on governance structures, mechanisms, and processes to
ensure leadership and accountability for student learning outcomes and
for the effective, efficient, responsive operation of Prince Edward
Island’s educational system. They need to hear the views and advice of
islanders in order to make recommendations on “who should do what” and
“how should it be done” in our education system to better facilitate
student learning. The Commission welcomes comments and suggestions on
any and all aspects of education governance that may be of concern or
interest to Islanders. (


Spring Fling!

The annual Glen Stewart and Stratford Elementary schools are putting on the Spring Fling soon!! We need volunteers and would love if we could have your help in making it a success this year. It truly is a great time and the schools’ biggest fundraiser of the year. The email address for the volunteer coordinator is Her name is Sherri Bruce.

More information on the Spring Fling can be found on Glen Stewart’s blog here:

3D Printing Contest for Afterschool Technology Program

After introducing Google SketchUp to the kids in the afterschool technology program at Stratford Elementary last week, there was a lot of excitement.  From my perspective, as the instructor, it was really interesting to see how all of the kids grasped the concept of designing 3d objects using an architectural autocad software design program.

The students were enthralled at the possibility of a printing machine that could print off their designs but even more so, when the word “contest” was put forth there were definite competitive natures that became evident.

Yesterday, Tom Haan of Dundas Designs came into the class. He owns a 3D printer and brought a few samples of things that he had printed off.  He spoke to the kids about how lucky they were to get their hands on a program that could help them design things in 3D.  Back in his “day”, they had pen and paper, maybe some modeling clay.

Hard to imagine what these kids will be saying about back in “their day” and using Google Sketchup!

Tom took them through the basics of designing using autocad and then showed them a video of 3D printing.  THEN.. the contest rules were laid out.  The kids spent the rest of the class working on their designs.  Houses, cars, animals, abstract designs… it’s going to be hard to agree on “the best”.  The winner will have their design printed off.

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Update on Afterschool Technology Program – 1st Class

You can find the update on the first session of Stratford Elementary’s Afterschool Technology program by clicking here.

Stratford Afterschool Technology Club

Dear Parents,

My job as a trainer and speaker has been teaching organizations about new

Stratford Afterschool Technology Program

Stratford Afterschool Technology Program

technology and ways to use social media to make their businesses, non-profit groups, etc. run better.

When I was visiting my brother in Indonesia last spring, I was blown away by what his grade 3 students were doing with technology and how engaged and enthusiastic the kids were.  Granted, parents pay approximately $28,000 for their kids to go to school there and my brother has state of the art technology, resources and support at his fingertips but I did bring away from it that our kids on PEI can be using technology more for educational purposes than they are now, to learn and prepare for opportunities in the 21st Century.

In the afterschool Stratford Technology Club, the children will be:

–       Practicing their typing skills with fun tutorials

–       Learning best practices on the internet: safety, privacy, etc.

–       Creating 3D objects using Google Sketch-up (an architectural autocad software design program)

–       Building a blog and writing about places they have visited, places they want to travel to

–       Teaching the teacher – introducing their favorite technology or websites

–       Taking virtual field trips via Skype and Google Earth

–       Utilizing many other “cool tools” to create, collaborate and communicate.

The afterschool Stratford Technology Club will run 8 weeks beginning in April 4th at Stratford Elementary School on Monday afternoons from 3pm – 4:30pm.  There are 15 spaces available and the introductory cost is $85 per student (plus gst) and includes the cost of a thumb/jump drive.

I welcome volunteers into the computer lab such as parents or teachers who can help with any of the projects or share any of the technology that is useful in their work. Seeing the transference from classroom to real life application is extremely beneficial for the children.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, suggestions, feedback, etc. or call 388-1800 to register.

Very best, Maureen Kerr

About the instructor:

Maureen Kerr has been on a mission to help schools, teachers, the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, and parents work towards bridging the gap between where we are on PEI to where we should be as far as 21st Century Education and the use of integrating technology into the school systems and classrooms for our children on PEI.  Maureen recently presented to hundreds of teachers at the PEI annual teachers conference, as well to the advisory council to the Minister of Education on the status of social media in classrooms.  She is a consultant for the BDC, facilitator for ProfitLearn PEI and has presented to close to a thousand people on PEI, on the benefits of social media.

Meeting Minutes – March 7, 2011


Stratford Elementary School

Home and School Association

March 7, 2011 at 7:00pm





Heather MacMillan (

Karen Poley (

Cheryl Duffy (

Kerry Gautreau – Co-Chair (

Krista Torraville – Co-Chair (
Nancy Chiasson – Treasurer (

Nadine Sutcliffe – Co-Secretary ( )

Derek McEwen (


  1. 1. Welcome/Opening Remarks – Co-Chair Kerry Gautreau

Kerri Gautreau welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming


  1. 2. Approval of Agenda
    1. Kerry suggested that we add a brief discussion about the resolutions that require a SES vote for the AGM on April 16th.  Kerry Gautreau and Krista Torraville will be attending the AGM.  Nancy Chiasson and Nadine Sutcliffe were unable to commit at this time.

Motion: Approval of Agenda as presented

Moved: Krista Torraville

Seconded: Nancy Chiasson

  1. 3. Internet Safety Presentation – Cst. Cheryl Duffy, L Division, Crime Unit, RCMP

Cst. Duffy gave an in-depth presentation about the Internet and issues around luring and cyber-bullying as well as ideas and resources to protect children from being victims.  A copy of the presentation is attached.


A similar presentation will be given to the students in the near future.  Parents will be invited to attend, if they are interested.  More details to follow  directly from the school.


  1. 4. Liaison Report – Derek McEwen
    1. Spring Fling – there is a committee in place with representation from both schools.  Location will be decided at the Committee meeting.  It would be good to have someone from SES H&S there as well.
    2. UPEI Project – is well underway.  It rolls out full-speed on March 8th with student teachers in the classrooms for half the day.  The staff at SES is very excited about the opportunity to do some PD in the way.  It will bode well for teaching in the years to come.
    3. Play – Pirates – had to be delayed due to illness and storm days.  It is now scheduled for March 15th and 16th at 7pm.  There will be a limit of 150 seats per night.  Proceeds from the production will go to the Easter Seals campaign.
    4. Teacher Appreciation Week – A very big thank-you was delivered from the teachers.  The lunch on the PD Day was a huge success.  The other activities throughout the week were all appreciated and enjoyed.

Kerry expressed that the effort required to pull that off was more than expected but after the stories and thank-yous that have been received it was worth it.

  1. 5. Treasurer’s Report – Nancy Chiasson

Nancy presented the balance and debits/credits (attached) since the account was opened and moved foracceptance.

Seconded: Kerry Gautreau

  1. a. A cheque can be given to the school for the H&S portion of the bean bag chairs as soon as we receive a copy of the invoice.  Derek agreed to provide that to Nancy.

  1. 6. Correspondence
    1. Website and Blog

The link to the blog from the school website will be created as soon as the dates for the next meeting are confirmed.  April 25th is Easter Monday.  It was agreed that we would meet a week earlier on April 18th.

  1. 7. New Business
    1. PEIHS AGM – April 16th – Open to all at Rodd Ch’town (9am to 1:30pm)

Resolutions have been presented.  The H&S Executive will vote electronically or have a separate meeting to discuss.

  1. Maureen’s After School Program – will be held after March Break
  2. Mobile Computer Lab Application to Provincial Government – no answer yet
  1. 8. Proposed Meeting Schedule 2010/2011
    1. April 18th – All
    2. May 16th – All


  1. 9. Adjournment
    1. Moved: Krista Torraville



Agenda for Mon.Feb.28th

A G E N D A    

Stratford Elementary School

Home and School Association

February 28, 2011 at 7:00pm


  1. 1. Welcome/Opening Remarks – Co-Chairs (Krista Torraville/Kerry Gautreau)
  1. 2. Additions to Agenda/Approval of Agenda

  1. 3. Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting (January 24, 2011)

  1. 4. RCMP Presentation – Internet Safety – Cheryl Duffy

  1. 5. Liaison Report – Derek MacEwen
    1. Spring Fling Update
    2. UPEI Project – Update
  1. 6. Treasurer’s Report – Nancy Chaisson
    1. Update
    2. Funding Requests (cheque to school for beanbag chairs)

  1. 7. Committees
    1. Teacher Appreciation Week – Debrief (Natasha Doiron)

  1. 8. Correspondence – Co-Secretaries
    1. Website and Blog
    2. Mobile Computer Lab – Update – Maureen Kerr

  1. 9. New Business
    1. PEIHS AGM – April 16th – Open to all at Rodd Ch’town (9am to 1:30pm)

10. Other Business

11. Proposed Meeting Schedule 2010/2011

  1. April 25th – All
  2. May 16th – All

12. Adjournment